Psalm 132:14 This is My rest for ever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it.
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Give Me your frustrations

What a life sometimes it seems.
It just drags on is the theme of the day in some households.
The spirit and mood are always heretic and frustrated.

People operate at their wits end.
They become intolerant and unyielding, stubborn and difficult.
What's the use.
Nothing is every going to change.
I might as well give up or give in.

There seems no hope in sight.
What do you do? What can you give out to change things.
What is wrong?

Your spirit is not deceiving you, but your mind and heart are.
They become co-conspirators to derail you by the negative picture they present.
It isn't easy to bypass them, but it is essential that you do so.

My remedy is this;
take time to be with Me and give Me your frustrations.
I will let the Spirit minister to you one by one the people or situation that is overwhelming you and bring back your hope and refresh you.

It doesn't make sense to dive into all the reasons and motives for your actions.
Just release that one or thing to Me and practice this until it becomes a habit.

I will honor you more and more.

Don't delay;
start today to relax and take the load off your mind and heart.
Let the Spirit of God do the work.

Yes, do it now and your reward will be great.

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©August 2005 C.Savageau

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