Psalm 132:14 This is My rest for ever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it.
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Your resting place

Decisions that you make to follow Me, spend time with Me, fellowship with Me, desiring to do My will, desiring to be filled with My Presence, these must be made in seriousness and firm resolve.
Do not make them without first counting the cost.
Do not make them unless you mean them.

I am not a difficult, mean, task- oriented depot;
but a sweet, loving Master, Lord and Savior who desires your heart, not your service, desires your whole-hearted love, not your commitment to a task or duty.
No, I desire you to come to Me because that is what you yearn for.
Nothing less but walking with Me will do.
I am then indeed your "first love", not your second or third.
I am not your "happy place" that you slip in and out of, but your "resting place" that you abide in continually with Me as your all and all.
If you want the abundant life of sharing My Father's Kingdom with Me, then call upon Me for all and then abide with Me in trust and love.
You shall see My abundance flow forth in you.

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©August 2005 C.Savageau

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