Psalm 132:14 This is My rest for ever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it.
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Think of the Kingdom of God as a monopoly

Doing what pleases Me is your ultimate goal.
Never tire or cease to do this.
It will afford you entry into My presence and enter you into kingdom-living with Me.
I am not afraid to show My affection for My children, but of late My children have been moving at a snail pace.
It will not be easy to tell the ones the go their own way that to lag behind is very dangerous;
that My protection and long-suffering is all that keeps them from destruction.

Don't build fences and walls between us.
Don't give your heart to the false Gods of this world and don't delay in coming to Me immediately each day you awake.
Tell Me your fears and confess your sins.
Acknowledge your weaknesses.
Then, ask Me to deliver you from them.
Make it your life's work to know Me intimately and make your abode in Me.
Let not one day pass without our coming together.
Let not your hearts be troubled, but instead rest in Me your Lord and give Me first place in your lives.
Think of the Kingdom of God as a monopoly;
One that consumes all and is all.
That is the truth and one for which you must accept readily.
Make time for this to happen My children.

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©August 2005 C.Savageau

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