Psalm 132:14 This is My rest for ever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it.
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Listen now for I am bringing forth My Son.

There are many taboos in this world, but the greatest one in My eyes is lack of understanding of Me.
It is absolutely paramount that My children listen to Me now
in this "hour of travail"- for I am bringing forth My Son.

I am proclaiming My Kingdom through My children.
They shall prevail.
They shall conquer.
My time is now;
the hour is here to prepare for the New Jerusalem that I desire to bring forth.
It is a land flowing with milk and honey.
Much like the land I promised to the Israelites when I brought them forth out of Egypt.
Rightly so, I am coming to renew the land and restore My people to rule over it.

When you stop your earthy activities and press into Me, I will reveal these things to you.
I am at the door.
My heart is pounding and there is excitement in the heavens for the coming of My Son is sure and soon.
Like the resurrection, My joy is joy unspeakable at the coming of My Son and His Bride.
You are My Bride and rest in that My children.
Leave to Me the preparation for the Bride and coming forth of her majesty and holiness.
Much there is to do, but rest, trust,
in Me for I will not disappoint you or dismay you.
I tell you plainly, I shall come in the twinkling of an eye and healing in My wings.

Look for Me.
Long for Me.
Encourage the brethren who are called in My name to prevail a short time longer and see Me coming with victory in My hand with a cloud of witnesses, Jesus says.
Long, too, have I waited for this hour to come;
this time to approach that sets men free.
My Father says that for this victory He has given you His Son so that there would be many brothers.
Time is at hand and short;
and many will not come as they should, but do not be discouraged.
Press on and be the light and salt that is in you through Me.
When you give Me your hand, I will not drop it.
I will not judge you or forsake you, but take you up and make you white as snow and greater, My Bride, than Moses and Elijah.

You shall be as I am, a bright and morning star in My Father's Kingdom, For you shall prevail through Me to do many wonders and
accomplish all that HE has ordained in the heavens since the foundation of the world.
I come like a thief to the world, but not to you, for it has been set that you will go forth with power to do battle and prevail.
To sing and not stop singing, to conquer and not be stopped.
It is written.
Prevail with Me.

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©August 2005 C.Savageau

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