Psalm 132:14 This is My rest for ever: here will I dwell; for I have desired it.
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Rationing My Love

Rationing of My love is what My children are constantly tempted to do.
Equally tempting is their decision or desire to do harm to those who they think I do not love or care about.
Harm in the sense of doing things that are insensitive, abrupt or unkind because they do not see them through My eyes.
Pray to see them through My eyes.
You will begin to see them in a much different light.
Not as someone doomed, ugly, despised, but loved, wanted and desired by Me as Father, Son, Holy Spirit, yearning for them.
When you come, you know you will be received with gladness as My child.
They do not know such a path.
They have no such path to Me.
You are to treat them as one who needs to know the truth, needs to know the truth of Me, and needs to experience this truth.
You need to be an instrument from which I can flow to this person.

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©August 2005 C.Savageau

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